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Occupational Health Specialists LLC

Protecting the Health and Wellness of America's Trade's Workers Through Occupational Disease Education, Awareness and Advocacy

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Blackburn Occupational Health Specialists was established in 2011, as DBADA with the goal of providing asbestos disease awareness to trades workers and their family members.  

While our centerpiece remains asbestos,  Blackburn Occupational Health Specialists recognizes the need for education regarding the many hazards faced by todays trades workers. 

Our innovative training is offered both onsite as well as our virtual classroom. Both training methods offer an interactive training experience leaving  no questions unanswered. 

To date we have logged over 15,000 classroom hours, the majority with the Mechanical Trades. 

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Diane Blackburn


         Based in Western PA, Blackburn Occupational Health Specialists is administered by Diane Blackburn. Diane has been a Radiation Therapist for over 30 years. Through her tenure Diane has developed an extensive knowledge regarding the broad spectrum of disease associated with occupational exposures. Diane developed significant first hand experience through the diagnosis and treatment of her father Dale Blackburn, a Local 47 member.(picture left) Dale suffered many diseases associated with occupational exposures from asbestosis through mesothelioma including esophageal cancer. In 2002 Diane began to take notice of the significant number of trades workers and their family members who were being treated for later stage disease possibly associated with occupational exposures and take home exposures.

Today Diane combines her extensive medical experience and OSHA training to develop education utilized by the Mechanical and Building Trades. It is her combination of medical and safety training that make the programs offered through Blackburn Occupational Health Specialists easily understood and retained.  It has been Diane’s goal to prevent late stage occupational disease diagnosis, which will yield better treatment outcomes and improved quality of life.

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 Due to Covid-19 all classes are offered via distance learning.

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 Asbestos Awareness

On Site or Distance Learning

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 Meetings, Classrooms,  Conferences and Screenings

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"Learning about the correlation between smoking cigarettes and Asbestos exposure increasing your risk of contracting cancer. This info included in the slides and interaction was very helpful in my understanding of asbestos exposure and risks."

Fifth Year Mechanical Trades Apprentice

"It was made clear how important the subject matter is to workers in my trade."

Third year Mechanical Trades Apprentice

" This Asbestos Awareness class is a great service for our members"

OSHA Instructor Mechanical Trades

" I think the part about Take Home is very good to know!"

Forth Year Mechanical Trade Apprentice

"Presentation would be very useful for every new trades worker and apprentice"

Mechanical Trades Training Coordinator

"Best class I have taken"

Mechanical Trades Second Year Apprentice

"Having a teacher rather than just scrolling through slides.
It was made clear how important the subject matter is to workers in my trade." The Virtual Classroom is great."

Third Year Apprentice

"Having specific examples helped to cement the point of trying to avoid asbestos as much as possible."

First Year Mechanical Trades Apprentice

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OSHA CFR 1926.1101

Asbestos Testing / NVLAP


OSHA CFR 1910.1001

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